Mountain Lodge Festive Wild Wood Scandi Style

Scandi Style

Scandinavia has a love of nature and interiors are often inspired by the outdoors. Rural retreats by the sea or lake or high up in the mountains are typically small and fuss free, but made cosy by using natural materials such as wood, leather, sheepskin and wool. Inherited and handcrafted items create a rustic way of living. Texture and warmth through textiles make special spaces to spend time in.

Our range of Scandi items helps you to create that special look for yourself. Wool blankets, throws and cushions add warmth and texture to a scheme and lighting a candle adds a cosy glow. We also have Swedish table runners, reindeer hides and sheepskins, candle holders, wooden bowls, boxes and traditional Kuksa drinking cups to complete the look. One off rustic items often appear in the shop from time to time such as stools, sledges and chairs. We can help you recreate elements of this lifestyle for yourself. Our range of lifestyle interiors books will give you great inspiration through their stylish images and texts. Bring a little bit of hygge into your interiors…